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Jelli Radio: Streaming Las Vegas (A Battle Of The Bands)

Starting this Sunday night May 6, 2012 at 9:00PM and continuing every Sunday night thereafter, Jelli Radio 94.5 FM Vegas Rock will give Jelli listeners the chance to control which Local Vegas bands get airplay on the FM Dial.

Jelli is a social music experience that allows listeners to control what plays on a terrestrial radio station from the web, iPhone and Android devices. Jelli users vote for the artists and songs they want to hear, creating dynamic playlists that determine in real-time what plays. Jelli’s community interacts with each other in live chat rooms and can easily connect their accounts to Facebook to share what they’re listening to with their friends. Jelli’s cloud-based platform takes this engagement and serves programming in real-time on actual FM radio broadcasts.

All Android, iPhone and web users who download the free Jelli App will be presented with a playlist of local Vegas bands and each user will then be given the ability to "Rocket" their favorites bands to fame with radio airplay and "Bomb" the clunkers back into obscurity. Begging, manipulation, intimidation and other forms of influence can also be utilized by interacting with the music-fan community comprised of other Jelli users on their smart phones in the integrated Jelli chat rooms. Each user is allocated a limited amount of Rockets and Bombs but can earn extras by having their rocketed tracks receive the ultimate rock approval or "thumbs up" in the form of the iconic Metal horns hand gesture once they make it to air.

Jelli is an innovative and fun way to experience and influence the music played on the radio in an actual real-time social environment by combining the connectivity of chat rooms, interactive music playlist control and the added fun of video game styling and a robotic announcer who acknowledges your actual user name on real FM broadcasts. Jelli is the real deal in social media and completely different than alerting your friends with the standard "I'm listening to "XYZ" on Pandora" while ignoring the fact that there is really no chance of your friends actually tuning into the same song at the same time as with you because each Pandora Radio station is individually programmed for each unique user, and therefore it's not really social in any regard. If you haven't tried Jelli yet, you should, it is the antithesis of passive radio listening and a very creative way to experience music.

The playlists from local Vegas bands that have been preloaded into the app for your control this Sunday night are as follows:

A Phoenix Forever
Addiction Switch
Adelita’s Way
Conflict of Interest
Crystal Method
Damnear Divine
Escape The Fate
Eyes Like Diamonds
  Jaggedy Ann
Joshua Adams
Jupiter Crash
Ministry of Love
Missing Blind
Panic! At The Disco
Sin City Sinners
  Stained Angel
The Darkest Dream
The Killers
The Solid Suns
Theory of Flight
This Is My Curse
Utopian Riot


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